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BP Porter Controls with Braeburn thermostat, 3 piece package, image

The Story Behind ...

The Heat Pump Made Easy™

In 1957 I had finished my duty in the military and began doing refrigeration service with a brother as a business venture together. This partnership only lasted a short while and I eventually was owner of my own business which included every direction in the HVACR field. I have been very fortunate, blessed and enjoyed it.

Eventually most of my business was contracting of multiple unit complexes of air conditioning and heating. Heat pumps were something few people would even talk about and local contractors, as well as myself, didn't have an interest in the venture at all. Also the dual fuel system appeared with complications, that's when local contractors as well as myself became aware of a demand we didn't necessarily want to be a part of but was hard to ignore. It seemed that the HVAC manufacturers didn't think very highly of the dual fuel system as they only offered large metal boxes with relays to do the job that had a liability issue which they would not address. All of us (hvac contractors in Oklahoma City) were very unhappy and began to discuss the issues together, that's when I told them I knew what to do to solve the problem.

With a PC board I could overcome the liability problem and at the same time we would have a nice practical control that would make the installation easy for anyone. They insisted that I should pursue the project and even gave purchase orders to get me started. It didn't take long for the word to spread, I didn't have to sell them, I only had to show them, they sold themselves. Distributors from many states as well as Canada now use the BPC-1 Bill Porter Control as well as the BPC-ODS Micro'stat that came along later. Both are very versatile and can be used for many applications.

Over the years I have made many friends and been invited by large utility companies to present my controls, which they endorse. My controls make it easy to install the heat pump. In most cases, after using my controls, the installers make the heat pump a major part of their business and likes the heat pump. A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS MADE THIS A GREAT SUCCESS IN MY LIFE.


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